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True Story of Hospital Admissions That Scares Me

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Today was a full day at the hospital complex for me. I had a 10:30 Dexa scan (bone density scan) in the main hospital and my 3:30 appointment for a second opinion on my sinus situation across the road at the USF Health building, still on the main TGH campus.

I got there early to head up to see Sue to get a print-out of my latest meds and the ENT’s new patient form since I’d neglected to print it before leaving the house. Her having those for me when I arrived made me feel even better that we got her a little something for Christmas to let her know how much she’s appreciated for all she does for me and mine ALL year long. Later in the day, just to prove I still had the skills, I got a charge removed from my account by calling my insurance all by my onesie. Gotta keep those skills sharp!

Down to admissions I went. Italics shall be the nameless person in admissions who goes by the name SHEILA according to her name tag. Brackets would be what I’d have liked to have said but didn’t have the cajones to do so.

Mr. Petersen! Number 6 on your left!

As I got to the station, no one was there, but I placed my driver’s license and insurance card on their edge of the counter since they need it every time I get a wristband. She arrives and sits down.

Hi, let’s see. Is your date of birth 5/5/1963?

No, that would make me 47 years old. I am 31. {Do I really look like I’m 47? I still get carded for crying out loud!}

Oh!! I’m so sorry!

You have the wrong patient. {Obviously.}

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