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Fatboy: 2 – Cold Virus: 1

Down with a ColdFatboy spent Black Friday, Happy Saturday, and Hooky Sunday on the couch and floor. Sick with the cold virus. Beautiful and I both had dry, cracking throats leaving her parents’ house Thursday night after food and fun, but colds certainly start days before, so we must have been exposed to something together Monday or Tuesday.

I went from being perfectly clear in the lungs and sinuses to being a freaky, slimy, smelly mess by Saturday morning. You know the sick, snot smell that oozes out of your pores with a bad cold. That was me. I was running a temperature Sunday that got me popping Tylenol Cold caplets every 4 hours. I called clinic’s on-call number around 6pm at Sue’s insistence and they told me to come in today at lunch.

I cut my hair and Beautiful accessed my port this morning (another stellar job, Babe!) because no one in their right mind enjoys having a hastily-placed, iodine-prepped dressing that includes a 3/4″ needle in a 1/2″ port when one’s wife is perfectly and superiorly capable of doing it properly.

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