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Fatboy Is Not a Victim of Cystic Fibrosis

September 2003At the risk of sounding like an over-priced self-improvement guru, I’ve got to nail home to the CF community and the world that CF is no longer the disease it once was. I will not be held back from any of my dreams other than beating John Elway in a quarterback contest and being an ace fighter pilot. I’ll let those to pass by on account of my size, anyway.

I’ve done a lot of surfing today to find new CFer blogs to add to my new color-coded blogroll. I found a lot of happy-go-lucky attitudes. I found a lot of misery. I found a lot of despair.

What I found the most of all was hope.

Hope of a better life than our collective CFer parents were told when we were born. I want you to watch this. All of it. This is your life, too.

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