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Jim Fahr – A Few Hours Together

Jim Fahr and Jesse PetersenJim Fahr and his wife, Denise, come to Florida with her parents each year for some time off at a time-share over in Kissimmee. Well, last year, Jim didn’t come because he’d just started back at work 9 months post-transplant and didn’t want to immediately take a vacation, so we only met Denise and her parents.

This year, Jim came! I’d been looking forward to their arrival for a year – ever since I found out he wasn’t coming last year. Beautiful is part of the Facebook group of “CF Wives” and 5 of them meet every month or 6 weeks to have dinner and catch up. When they got the dates Denise would be in the area, they set up their night to work with the Fahrs’ and I set the evening aside to be with Jim and just be with a dude who’s been through a transplant and is living life large again.

The evening couldn’t have gone any better, unless it didn’t end, but it did end around 9:30.

We met the Fahrs at the Barnes & Noble next to the mall before dinner and visited with just the 4 of us for a solid 30-45 minutes. They’ve got 13 years of marriage on us, so it’s neat to see a glimpse of ourselves a decade in the future.

When I sit and think in my rare moments of quiet, I am so glad I “came out” online with my CF in early 2010 and now have such a huge group of friends who deal with the same issues and truly know what you’re going through. It’s all right and all good that friends and family know that I have CF and that we deal with other life issues than most people, but even in that circle, they still don’t deep down know and feel what we feel.

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