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A Brief Pause in Memory of Conner Reed

Conner ReedI’m about to go waaaayyyyy out of my style and comfort zone on this one, but I want a record of this because this is worth remembering. Beautiful first found this site as they were bringing Conner home, practically Hospice-ready a couple of months ago. Thursday night, he lost his fight, and I’m sad even though I never knew him or his family, nor did I read his whole story.

I read of his last day this morning and how he went out with a final meal of a champ after so much suffering:

Conner asked for an Otter pop, he ate two. Then he wanted watermelon and he ate a slice, he wanted mini marshmellows, and ate alot, and then finally a banana. His last meal on this side of heaven. Such a great menu for him…

I am sad because he suffered. I openly cried sitting at my coffee table reading the story of a heartbroken mother recalling the last 24 hours. I was sad because I had a glimpse of what my parents went through nearly 30 years ago.

I rejoice because he has a perfect body now and is running around with lungs and limbs like never before.

Happy “new birthday,” Conner Reed Jones. Say “hi” to Jesus for me.