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Tight, Tight, Tight, But Not Sick

TGHToday I went in for an unscheduled clinic visit because I’ve been having seriously labored breathing.

There have been precious few times that I’ve actually been scared for my mortality because of my breathing (thinking about mortality and having physical feelings are so different). This week was one of them, as I’d climb into bed with my CPAP on, lay down on my side, and actually struggle for breath for a couple of very long minutes. I imagined that I looked like a fish out of water, gasping. My lungs hurt, or at least my ribs did, but it felt like my lungs.

I’ve also had episodes of a stabbing pain in my lower right ribcage, similar to a running stitch in the side about every other time I do my Vest. I have just had a general feeling that my lungs aren’t supple enough to expand or contract any more and that I’m wearing a very tight belt around my chest most of the time. Oh, yeah, and the whole blacking out episode – it’s all making me feel pretty nervous about where my health is at this point.

So, after doing PFTs, Bill said that my volume was up 10mL from last time, so even though I’d gained quite a bit of weight since my last visit, my FEV1 was up 1% to 35% now. What the heck?! I’m not saying that I’m not happy to have better PFTs, but I feel like they are going to think I’m crying wolf soon. I feel terrible, yet I’m still healthy.

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