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Bracing Myself for Being Cared For

Tying a shoeAny of you who know me in person or have been reading this site long enough know that I am fiercely independent to a fault. I may be a wimp for a few hours, or a day at the most, when I have the flu or something that knocks me for a loop, but those things are very rare events in my life.

I never grew out of the habit that young kids have when they insist, “I’ll do it mySELF!!” and I’ve taken it up a few notches in my “old age.” Sure, there is the give and take in marriage of letting the other do something for you, like I was forced to do when my last semester of college was stressing me out to the max. Beautiful was so beyond awesome by fixing meals that I normally did, bringing me snacks upstairs while I was studying for hours, and just generally putting up with me.
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