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Emotional Evening, and I’m not the One Getting New Lungs

There is something emotional to the core about Cystic Gal getting her new lungs tonight as I type. She is currently under the knife having her wretched, diseased lungs carefully removed from her chest cavity. Beautiful said she felt the same way when Piper got her lungs, but I wasn’t following Piper like I have been CG, because CG is all over Twitter and the blogs with comments and such.

Beth Peters (CG) is my first cystic fibrosis friend to receive her dream of new lungs. Everyone else has become a friend post facto, at the very earliest with me finding out they got “the call” and following them as their transplant day progressed.

Beautiful asked me what I was feeling about her transplant before she went to bed tonight. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it because it’s not like we’re great friends, but we have hundreds of tweets going back and forth and understand each other pretty well. We are both fighters. She’s going this alone in Boston, and I have to respect that a ton.

My eventual answer was I’m feeling emotional because, barring a cure that prevents CFers with my level of pulmonary damage from ever needing a transplant, this will happen to us someday. I’m banking, praying, and working towards health and a cure, but I’m witnessing what could be exactly what we experience some day in the future. It’s scary. It’s exciting. Did I mention that it’s scary and exciting?

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