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First Night With an AutoPAP Machine for Apnea

Alien Face-suckerThe age of AutoPAP is here. They concluded from my sleep study at the hospital that I have a mild case of both obstructive and central apnea (7 and 4 episodes, respectively) and enough desaturation events to warrant an equipment therapy.

Enter the Philips Respironics System One AutoPAP machine: a heated, humidified, auto-adjusting variable pressure CPAP. CPAP is a misnomer, since nothing about it is constant outside of its pattern while I’m not in need of assistance. It has a range of 4-20 cm of water, but we have it set at 4 cm for inhalation and it steps down to 1 cm as I exhale so it’s more comfortable. The pressure adjusts when it senses an apnea event occurs, both the exhale and inhale pressures.

My initial impressions

I was taken aback at its size when the tech came to demo it. Many bread loaves are larger, and 1/2 of it can detach so you can leave the humidifier at home if traveling and can tolerate cold, dry air. [Read more…]