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Fatboy Flushes His Port – Video and Explanations

The Fatboy portYou’re in for another treat: another video post! The photo to the right – you guessed it – that’s me. Sunburn and all. I’m hiding my gut because I’m so fat! Hah, not really; that is how I stand in public with my shirt off, so it’s a good representation of how it blends in now that I’m beefing up more. It used to be super-obvious when I weighed 95lbs!

Update: 7/20/2010 – my port has all but disappeared at 135lbs. It just looks like a flesh wound instead of an alien implant.

I got my port in 2006 when my last PICC line took a radiological surgeon to thread the tube through the valves in my upper arm. Both arms were shot for access with a PICC line. I was a bloody, mad mess with 2 failed PICCs before that surgeon got one in. The doctor said that the next time I went on IVs, I was getting a central port. About 3 months later, there I was, scheduled for a twilight operation with my dad in tow to transport a heavily sedated sickboy back to his apartment.

I was pretty depressed about it. We were getting married in less than 2 months and here I was getting a big titanium bulge shoved under my skin and ended up with a less than flattering scar because they didn’t use sutures.

I was marked. Tagged. A permanent, unavoidable freak. Buy, hey, I was used to it because I’ve always had a huge scar across my gut from surgery at birth. Just one more set of people who didn’t expect me live, I suppose. Who cares what the scar is going to look like if it’s only going to be there for a few years, right?

Now that I’ve had my port for almost 4 years, I wouldn’t trade it for another PICC line for anything short of them paying me several tens of thousand dollars any time I went on IVs. I don’t need diddly to start treatments now. The meds show up at my door, Beautiful stabs me and puts the dressing on, and we start doing drugs. The only pain we have to endure is monthly flushes to keep the tubing clear inside. We recorded it this time so anyone who is considering getting a port can see how easy it is.

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