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In-Office Nasal Polyp Removal

New Sinus PolypYesterday was another ENT visit to Dr. Tabor at the USF Health building on the TGH campus. He’s really growing on me; great chair-side manners, very knowledgeable and confident, and the technology he uses that lets me see what he’s doing fits me perfectly. Like usual, he hit “record” on his high-definition scope for this visit, and I’m so glad he did! He found a small polyp growing in my right side that was nearly coming out of my frontal sinus opening, and therefore completely blocking it from draining.

This is why I have monthly appointments – that polyp was not there 4 weeks ago to the day.

The video below is a tad graphic, so if you can’t handle blood or fluid, I’ll let my mild description be enough for you. Don’t worry, I won’t be too graphic in my description for you, unless your stomach is extraordinarily weak – in that case, I can’t help you; I’m biologically gross because of CF.

When Dr. Tabor saw the polyp’s location, he decided he wanted to remove it… now. [Read more…]