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Seriously, Just a Quick Update

NewsThere hasn’t been too much to write about lately, other than the possibility of another sinus surgery (we’ll know Friday), and a lot of work stuff that will bore the heck out of 95% of you. The main reason apart from my busy-ness is that our minds are way too full being pre-occupied with some major life choices that we aren’t ready to put out on open airwaves. I’m ready, but it’s something we both need to be okay discussing – I always run the more personal topics by Beautiful, just in case it’s personal to her.

This is one of those topics. Of course, saying we have something to talk about without talking about it is highly annoying, so to appease a lot of curiosity, here are some things it’s NOT:

  • relationship trouble
  • health trouble
  • legal trouble
  • trouble of any kind
  • pregnancy
  • death
  • moving
  • work-related

It’s actually a very cool thing that we are both very excited about and very freaked out about at this stage. I’m fairly certain we will be ready to talk about it in the next few weeks, but I could be wrong. Please, no guessing, just know that you’ll be in on the whole thing once we decide to discuss it and that you can discuss it on both of our sites because we won’t be able to stop talking about it.

Your support means more than you know, which is why I’m giving you a non-update rather than ignoring the strange elephant in the room that no one can see.