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Fatboy vs. 23 BMI – Fatboy Wins!

135.5 PoundsThursday night, Fatboy registered a 135.5 on the bathroom scale! I made a big deal about it on Facebook with photos of the scale and my big gut hanging over my always-unbuttoned shorts, but I’m holding back here a little bit before I declare victory because I appear to be retaining water. It didn’t stop me from opening up my iPhone app to plug in the numbers to come up with my BMI and confirm that it was 23.2 BMI with my 5′ 4″ stature. Fatboy has arrived in the house!

My ankles and calves were swollen Thursday and Friday for some reason; nearly disgustingly on my legs where something may have been pressing into my flesh for a while and then I get up. The mark stayed indented far further than is considered natural, normal, or tolerable to look at.

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