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New Medication Routine

Keep Walking - by Michref

My medication routine changed this last clinic visit and I’ve been reporting on my findings on Facebook. With the foster care home study being our top priority to report on the blog, this has slipped by for almost two weeks, but it has to be shared. Oh, update on the home study: the health inspector is expected today, tomorrow, or Monday to test our water temps, refrigeration temps, and some other random health-related things about our home. Then we will be fast-tracked to licensing!

Due to some changes we made, I haven’t felt this good since high school. Did you catch that? My tenure at high school ended the last millennium: 1997. Back when I was running track, playing competitive golf and lugging my bag around 9-18 holes 5 to 6 times per week, and playing flag football with guys twice my size.

Changes like this need to be discussed, and you deserve to know what works for me so you can ask your doctors.

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