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The Coolest Medical Procedure I’ve Ever Had

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Surgical TrayWe, as CFers, are no strangers to uncomfortable, if not horrible, medical procedures. Enemas, enteroclysis, PICC lines, central ports, and a slew of sinus surgeries. Today, I get to share with you the coolest procedure I’ve ever had done to me.

I can remember having issues with my meconium ileus scar getting infected since the 7th grade or so. Over on the left side was a dot of a hole on each side of the scar, as if I’d had my belly pierced. I often wondered if I could thread a paperclip from one side to the other. Every month or two, I’d notice it start to turn red, puff out, and then become a pussy mess that I could squeeze clean over the course of a few days. It happened without fail.

After this had gone on for years (I think I was 18 or 19), I finally decided I’d had enough of this and decided it warranted going to my primary care doctor to look at it. I was still going to a pediatric doctor since I hadn’t transitioned both my CF and non-CF care to adult services, so this may have been one of the coolest thing she had ever done.

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Feedback Request on Meconium Ileus Scars

I put out a special request tonight for a topic about Fatboy or CF and got this one in from Jessica – a.k.a. @chronicuriosity:

“Fatboy…the Early Years” or more on why your illieus issues @ birth still cause issues (I’m a illeus baby, too – hot dog scar!)

I’ve promised to stop talking about my bellyaching for now, so here is another angle that I didn’t cover in my posts on my scar or any of my blockage posts. I’m turning this into a personal/community request for information and feedback.

Fatboy - Meconium Ileus ScarI’ve always noticed that my scar (shown again for your benefit) seems to be directly attached to the abdominal muscles beneath it. You can try to grab my scar and pull it outward, but there is nothing to grab onto because it’s so tightly pressed to my muscles, which were totally raped by the surgeon. I have a 3 1/2 pack, even though you could roll a car over me with my strong abdominal wall. This photo was taken before I got a nice layer of fat from my additional 15lbs of weight, but all you can still grab is fat.

It has been cosmetically bothering me because my added weight gain has created a crease running across my gut that is visible to all because my shirts are all tight now. I look like a fat slob with two beer guts instead of one. I know it’s petty, but it is also uncomfortable because I know my stomach and intestines could expand more if they weren’t being held back by the scar.

Do any of you have an attached meconium ileus scar or do you have “freedom” between your scar and underlying tissue? If you have “freedom,” do you agree with my issue or do you wish you had my problem because your stomach just keeps getting bigger and having the scar keep things in check would be nice? Let’s get the CFers chiming in here, since only 10% of us are born with meconium ileus.

Scar Tuesday – Show off Your Scar(s)

Meconium Ileus Scar

Meconium Ileus Scar: 1978 Style

I’ve got a huge meconium ileus scar that I’ve been self-conscious about my entire life. Now, in my old, fat age, it’s not stretching with the rest of my gut, leaving an odd-looking line across my midsection when I stuff myself after a good meal and I’m wearing a t-shirt that has become a tad snug around the middle. In fact, my favorite shirt I’m wearing to the right is starting to look a little ridiculous, so says Beautiful. I guess I have to agree at this point.

It wasn’t until I started following other CFers on their sites that I found out that there seems to be more who have a vertical scar than a gaping horizontal scar like mine. I’ve heard my dad say on a number of occasions that the surgeons really butchered me up with that first surgery – probably because it was 1978 and they didn’t give me much of a chance of living past 5 or 10, so what did it matter what my scar looked like.

Now, it’s a bit of a nuisance to the point that I’d consider some cosmetic surgery to re-align all of my muscles to get a beautiful 6-pack and get rid of anything in there that is pinning my scar in tighter than the surrounding area. A middle-aged gut on a CFer is a badge of honor that I will wear with pride, though I’d rather work back down to a washboard and maintain this weight.

My other scar

Port ScarMy other “big” scar is from my port when I was picking at the scab, not realizing how it was pulling apart while healing because they only used that 3M glue bandage that started peeling after a couple of days. The more I picked at the itching incision, the wider and more transparent the scar turned. This probably isn’t the best shot of the scar, but I haven’t found that new camera I’ve been looking for yet to take nice macro shots.

You can link to an external photo, such as Flickr or your Facebook or Posterous account in the comments, and it should show up for us if you want to show off your scar in the comments. Otherwise, tell your story on your blog and link to it with Linky Tools below with a mention/link to this post in your post so people know what’s going on.