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Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.66

It was a momentous day yesterday with a weigh-in at 20.66 BMI and bringing the little marker line fully within the lettering for the “Normal” range. I’m not sure where 23-24 BMI rests on that scale, but I intend to find out. What’s that come out to on the scale for me, anyway? 122 lbs.

I didn’t really do anything different in the last day or two, and I can’t tell which day it is that actually results in weight gain quite yet. I’m fairly certain that it’s a combination of food in me at the time and metabolized food that got converted into fat and muscle overnight from the day before. I can be the biggest champ one day and not see the results that night, but the next day is usually pretty good, like I got a kick-start.

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