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Fatboy Gets Juiced Up – Testosterone Injection

So, here is a Fatboy first: a video. My shipment of testosterone came today, so I shot up because the shipment was a week late and I can’t wait until Sunday because I can already feel my levels dropping. Here goes… hope it’s medically correct!

Correction: not twice per week. Twice per month.

Males with cystic fibrosis have historically low testosterone levels, something I wish they knew when I was 12! It brings about all sorts of adverse side effects, such as

  • decreased energy levels
  • decreased muscle mass
  • decreased liver function
  • decreased libido
  • decreased appetite
  • decreased bone density leading to osteoprosis
  • increased mood swings

None of those are very good, and to have all of them really decreases one’s quality of life, especially when you are thrown into a rough time in life and have low energy and a mood swing at the same time. That leads straight into depression, which I can attest to after losing my job early last year.

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