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Fatboy Does His First Sinus Rinse

For a rundown of my stay at the hospital for my surgery, please visit Beautiful’s site because I won’t be writing about it for another day or so.

Sunday – Checked In
Monday – Recovery
Tuesday – Home at Last

I HATE wet things on my face. What do I hate more than that? Saltwater UP my nose! However, I was so uncomfortable last night, it was time to use my new NeilMedi sinus rinse bottle with Dr. Seper’s recipe for hypertonic saline: 1qt water, 2tsp kosher salt, 1tsp baking soda.

We heated the entire thing for 30 seconds to warm it and put it into the bottle. Now… I didn’t follow the instructions exactly because, well, I just got out of surgery and have stuff in my nose that doesn’t belong to my anatomy that will be removed tomorrow. I didn’t want to waterjet it up or anything, so I squirted gently until I wanted to stop.

A TON of stuff came out, so this video embedded below is censored with back boxes for those of a weak stomach. This is also a site for education, so the full, uncensored version is also available if you click here, but I didn’t want anyone to unexpectedly be exposed to it.

I will be posting more about my weekend, surgery, and recovery over the next few days. Enjoy the video, taken with my iPhone 4. (sorry, but I had the bathroom fan on in case I started screaming, lest I tick off the neighbor)

Sorry, the video had a censored box in the wrong spot… going to re-upload and then it needs to process… AGAIN.