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Happy Six Month No-IV Anniversary to Fatboy

Anniversary from IVsI was going to do a quick shout-out, but that wouldn’t show my happy happy title, so here goes a real post for a short little thing: my 6-month no IV anniversary! In the last 6 months, the following has happened regarding my health/work/etc:

  • gained 16lbs from my previous lifetime high in March
  • hit my goal of 23 BMI
  • graduated COLLEGE with my B.A. after 13 years
  • improved my PFTs from 34% after IVs in March to 37% now
  • had my best month of business ever this summer

While we are very glad to see my new CF friends get their new lungs (green in my blogroll in the sidebar), others are struggling with infections of various kinds and severity, so Beautiful and I do take every day of my new health with a new-found appreciation that wasn’t possible with my old quality of life and try to not let the small things bother us.