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Fatboy’s Great Personal Biogtry: Smokers

SmokieYou know exactly what I’m talking about with this one. You’re sitting in a room and chimney comes and sits next to you. You’re trying to rush into a public building but have to first navigate an illegal gauntlet of smokers lining the sidewalks and entryway.

It’s days like these that probably make it a good thing for my safety that I topped off at 5′ 4″ and have no intention of really exercising any of the razorback that wants to come out and play with those smokers’ ankles.

I seem to be completely incapable of separating someone’s infinite other qualities once I know they are a smoker, let alone a chain smoker who has a smoker’s cough as a result of years of abuse. Colleagues: get away and send me an e-mail, but your IQ has dropped 45 points in my book. Family: I know you not, for you are too stupid to have come from the same spawn as I.

Can there be anything more unfair in place?

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