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My New ENT: Dr. Mark Tabor

Dr. Mark TaborYesterday was my 6th visit to Dr. Tabor, and he’s really growing on me. For those who are new to the “show,” I had the same ENT for nearly a decade before he retired, and he passed me on to his other CF-knowledgeable doctor in the same office. After my first surgery in 6 years followed by a continuation of my headaches and a bad CT scan, my CF doctors referred me to Dr. Tabor for a second opinion and treatment at the same hospital as clinic: Tampa General Hospital in the USF Health building.

He’s got a really high-tech endoscope system that puts the scope images onto a 17″ HD monitor and has the ability and willingness to record office cleanings and surgery in full HD for his geeky patients with a strong stomach. We had a mis-communication as I was about to go under for my 10th sinus surgery of my long and storied CF career so I will have to wait until my next time to get my hands on what happens when I’m asleep. I missed my septoplasty, but my next surgery will include drilling, which I think will be much more compelling footage… at least for me. Here is some fascinating, graphic video of the last cleaning I had before my January surgery. Thanks to my dad for editing it with my new iMovie ’11 when he was here in December. (Please do not hit play if you don’t want to see nose hairs, slimy mucous membranes, or boogers. Please do hit play if you are awesome.)

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2010 Great Strides Walk – I won

Great Strides Tampa 2010I made my Great Strides walk a race. I didn’t want anyone walking faster than me; after all, I am a superhero who goes by the name of Fatboy. The walk started at the entrance of the Lowry Park Zoo and led us around a mile or so loop around the exhibits. It was pretty easy stuff, but I had a hard time getting my team to keep up with the poor guy with 58% lung function. Can you tell I’ve got a competitive streak a mile wide and won’t take pity from anyone? I’ll cream you before you give me pity.

When we finished our first lap, Doogie Howser was standing at the Entrance/Exit thanking us for coming. We were done in 17 minutes, so there was no way we were going after waiting an hour for the walk to start… after a 40 minute drive to the zoo… after 5 months of raising funds. It’s supposed to be a 5k, after all… so we told him we were going around again until we hit 3.1 miles as he got on his radio/phone to find out why the heck I wanted to keep dragging my team around the zoo at 6:47 in the evening.

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