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Fatboy’s Thankful List on Thanksgiving Day

ThanksgivingThanksgiving Day is upon us. Today is my day to rest, relax, recuperate, and eat tons of food and hydrate like a sponge. We are heading over to my in-laws’ for the day around 11:00 for an early lunch with turkey dinner around 4:00, followed by an evening of games and leftovers with even more friends. I think we’ll have 13 people for game time, so it should be plenty of socializing for this socially-starved introvert.

Despite my recent turn in health that hasn’t actually culminated in anything super negative yet, I have plenty to be thankful for today. Here is what comes to mind as I try to type as my hands are shaking all over the place from my Vest treatment:

  • Beautiful – who could ask for a better partner in life, trials, and adventures? She’s more than I could have hoped or asked for. Period.
  • Eternal security – should something happen to one or both of us before we have a chance to expect it, we rest assured of our eternity with Jesus who paid the price once and for all to all who accept the gift.
  • Family – I’ve got parents who call me internationally “just because” and in-laws who consider me one of their own, too. I call my grandparents every week and love to hear how things are in Ohio (go BUCKEYES!!) and they love to hear how we’re doing since they don’t travel any longer. It’s good to be loved.
  • Health – what health I’ve got is great. I can pretty much do everything I want to do and can do above and beyond what I need to do.
  • Finances – we have no pressing needs, just goals and future savings needs to be wise, but we are blessed with two jobs and full health insurance.
  • Support network – we’ve got our family and a wide array of church family available to help if/when we need it. We’ve had help moving and love to give back when called upon.

Have an awesome Thanksgiving Day, everyone.