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Sick and Tired – CFers Down!

Behind BarsI think 80% of my CFer friends have been working too hard, stressing out too much, or hanging out with the “sick crowd” this spring. It seems like every time I look at Twitter or Facebook, someone is going to the hospital, getting IVs, or wiped out and laying in bed.

It appears that my transparency about compliance yesterday resounded with quite a few of you who are busy. Starting my treatments back up has started a plan to not work until after lunch because getting my treatments done around 11am and then working for an hour before lunch is really no way to go about your day, so I’m using the mornings to completely take care of myself. Relaxing and doing my crap.

Doing night treatments are as big of a pain because we usually watch TV, which we can do while I do my Trio and Altera stuff, but it’s out of the question when I’m doing my Vest, although Beautiful can watch shows while I do my sinus neb if she is up by the TV.

I’ve got one more episode of Lost to go before I jump back into “24” Season 2. Everyone said to ditch Heroes after Season 2, so I can wait before finishing that season if it’s going to be my last. If ALL of my friends say it stinks after that, I have to question those who watched it until the end… maybe those are the ones not to take TV and movie advice from, eh?

So, that’s what I’ve done to completely rearrange my life to get/stay healthy. I feel a little better now, but I still feel junky in the morning. What steps are you going to take to both have a life and keep your life?