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As Graduation Approaches

This will be my 3rd family USF graduation.I have mixed feelings about graduating from the University of South Florida (go BULLS!) next month. Not strange feelings, but just trying to decide whether I should be happy, elated, or just proud of what I’ve accomplished.

The two main sides I’m coming from are:

  • It’s no big deal because thousands of people graduate from USF alone each semester, yet I’ve been here for 39 semesters if you count summers. Many more go on to graduate school and even get PhDs.
  • I’ve got cystic fibrosis, so even going to college is a big deal, let alone getting started with a full-ride, getting my A.A. and starting a career, getting married, buying a house, and starting a home-based business and going to college to finish my B.A.

I’m extremely proud of how much I’ve busted my butt for the last 9 months, taking 31 credit hours to wrap up my senior year… even if it started 12 years after I was initially accepted to USF in 1997.

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