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Surgery Time Update

My surgery has been moved to 3:30pm EST on Thursday 1/6, so we are to arrive no later than 1:30pm. They are allowing me to eat a light breakfast, so I think I’ll down 3 Boost Plus drinks and either go back to bed or watch movies to keep my mind off food. At least Beautiful will be able to eat lunch at home before we leave.

How Fat is Fatboy?

Kicking BackThis was the e-mail that I woke up to this morning from Beautiful since she wakes up way before me to get ready for work… I just make her sandwich every morning before she leaves. 😉 I e-mailed back later and said “115 before breakfast, but I should be 120 by bedtime.”

But everyone else wants to know, too.

She’s right. As always. I’ve been remiss in calorie counting, weighing myself, and eating like a Big Texan steak challenger for more than a month because of the end of college. I’m not ignoring the site out of shame for not weighing 125 – rather a sheer lack of time and energy to do everything else and the site. The site’s taken a back seat, but I should be popping on nearly every day again once my creative juices have refilled my tank. Right now, I’m trying to balance working my tail off to pay bills and taking after this fella on the right.

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