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Try to Swallow Chewable Vitamins

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Vitamins!Have you ever had a horsepill that just refused to go down? I had a terrible week where I was trying everything I could to take my 4 normal pills, but two of them kept dissolving into this terrible mess that I ended up spitting out these shriveled carcasses after 5 attempts.

You guessed it from the title: they were chewables. Since we get whatever ADEKs my specialty pharmacy has on hand, they have a tendency to change brands every now and then. For now, they are nearly black gel caps that are a little larger than my enzymes. In the case of the chewables, they didn’t look much different than the calcium I was taking in the same mouth full… only the calcium actually went down while the ADEK stuck to my tongue like white on rice.

Thanks for letting me know ahead of time, Beautiful, instead of laughing about it after a few days. I think she claims innocence, but I wonder… she is a sneaky woman, that babe of mine. I am too fun to resist picking on, as she says.

So, remember, kids. Check the bottle (or with your spouse) to find out if you are supposed to chew or swallow.

Supplements and Vitamins – My New Life

PillsI used to hate taking my vitamins, and I still do. I also hated that powder my mom would mix into the milk that I’d pour onto my cereal every morning. I still hate it, but I married a super helper. She puts my pills into one of those old person pill containers on the end table for me every day of the week, and I’ve been doing much better taking everything.

What does Fatboy take?

Good question! My mom asked when they were over and I had to say,  “I don’t know. Beautiful puts everything in there and I take what she gives me.” Well, I’ve found out, and we’ll see if I know why I take everything, too. Keep in mind, this doesn’t include any of my enzymes (8 bottles of pills per month) or any of my aerosols or injectables.

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