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I Like Bacon and Peanuts, But Not Together!

Bacon and the BibleKnowing some are allergic to peanuts, everyone likes bacon, right? In my effort to become Fatboy 2.0, I’ve upped the ante on my calorie density, both in the amount of food and the ratio of calories per dollar. Given the amount of money we spent the first time around, I have no interest in that kind of “investment” to reach my new weight goal. Obviously, it’s easier to gain while not fighting an infection, or multiple infections as the case likely was. I’m gaining just about 1 pound per day now, so it’s time to tell you how I’m doing it this time and leave it up to you whether that tickles your taste buds or not. I know Beautiful has no interest to eat what I’m eating now – I remind myself of a pregnant woman with cravings now.

Cravings include: nachos and queso with jalapeño slices, Cajun boiled peanuts by the bowl, fatty bacon, and various frozen entrees.

I can tell you with certainty a couple of things that absolutely pack on weight more efficiently than other things. It’s a very basic cheat sheet for me, so it’s worth trying it yourself if you need to pack on weight and don’t have fat and cholesterol concerns, as we CFers don’t absorb cholesterol the same way as the rest of the population (teeny tiny blessings, eh?).
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