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How to Kick Cystic Fibrosis’ @$%

Yeah!This site is essentially all about kicking the crap out of cystic fibrosis in any way possible. First, it was my weight, which has given way to providing for my household during our increased medical expense period involving Beautiful’s allergies. With those expenses mostly out of the way, aside from two expensive and completely uncovered prescriptions, I am free to start gaining the weight back that I lost in the last two months. I’m not fretting about that weight loss, though, because I had the weight to lose this time. Any other time, this stress would have sent me spiraling down under 100lbs and back onto IVs. The weight is allowing me to fight back and stay healthy at 120-123lbs with relatively little effort in the eating department.

My next goal, aside from amassing a $50k savings account for a CF rainy day, is to get in shape by exercising. I don’t mean the namby-pamby exercising that we did earlier when I rode my bike around or we walked a mile. I’m talking about cardio. I haven’t done any cardio since I was 19, so that makes it… 12.5 years since that last stressed my heart and lungs. I grew up playing baseball, football, basketball during recess, track, and even played adult indoor soccer and softball after graduation and inter-mural flag football at USF during my sophomore year. Yeah, I was a sports stud… well, maybe not a stud, but I was in serious shape back then.

This week, starting on Monday, I loaded up the Free Step program on our Wii Fit Plus. [Read more…]

Fatboy Hits a New BMI High: 20.74

For those keeping track with the scales and the chart in the sidebar, that’s 123lbs! Two more pounds until I can take another picture, which I’m afraid won’t look too much different than the last just because the weight seems to be re-distributing itself and converting into muscle.

In an act of hilarity, we went to my in-laws’ tonight and I hopped on their Wii Fit for the first time in 84 days. I’d gained 11.4lbs and went from a skinny little dude to the size seen here in an instant. It was hilarious how I just ballooned up! I think it thought I’d be upset to see that, but I wasn’t, so the laugh’s on it.

I went to the neighborhood gym last night and worked on my biceps, quads, and lats. I had some unexpected soreness in my forearms today and driving my manual transmission was… fun… not being able to extend my right arm all the way to 5th gear without a shot of pain. I’m determined to make my upper body look how I want it (because I know I can because I have naturally sculptable muscles that respond well to weight training) and then struggle to build up much-needed mass on my bottom half. Having a butt now is nice, but (no pun intended) I want the whole package of quads, hammies, and calves. Why?

With good legs comes the ability to drive my lungs to better performance with tireless running.

Here is my weight chart going back a few months on our Wii at home to illustrate another point:

[Read more…]

We Didn’t Go for a Walk

Rain, rain, go away!It’s been nothing but non-stop rain here for the last 36+ hours. If it sounds like it’s stopped, don’t be deceived, it’s just sprinkling quietly. It sort of put a damper on our plans to walk after work, but I also couldn’t overcome my exhaustion from a long day of work to get on our Wii to do something cardio like the obstacle course or dance steps. Personally, I think we should borrow Dance Dance Revolution from my brother-in-law and have some real fun with cardio because I like Wii Fit for the balance games more than cardio.

I hit a new BMI record last night, but just barely — by 0.04: 20.55… still progress. I upped my enzymes all day yesterday and made sure I took them with all of my snacks because I had a rough evening the day before. It’s amazing how enzymes can make or break your day.

My wife told me last night that this is the first time that I’ve gained weight and she can see it, other than in my cheeks. My clothes just fit better because I’m now built more like a normal person, my face and neck are nice and full, and even my hands don’t look like Saran-wrapped muscles and tendons due to a thin layer of fat.

Wii Fit BMI Update & Photo

My all-time high on Wii Fit Plus on March 1, 2010.